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Just To Let You Know
KH (march 6,1990 / )

Just To Let You Know

Poem By Katie Huntress

Did you know that I loved you?
Did you know that I cared?
I thought about you everyday,
I never felt this way before,
It feels different,
I don’t know what’s happening,
But I do think I has to do with you.

I don’t know how to explain it,
I can’t put it in words,
You have been their for me,
When no one else was their,
You are really special to me,
I can trust you so much,
You don’t even know.

I love you so much,
And I am glad you finally know,
It was so hard for me to tell you,
I am so glad I finally did,
Because I know how you feel,
And it makes me so happy.

I never been this happy before,
Especially over a guy,
But I have a feeling about you,
Your not like the others,
They just tossed me around like I was no one.

You make me feel special,
I have never met a guy like you,
When I am sad,
You make me happy,
When I am mad,
You know how to calm me down,
Instead of making it worse,
You make it better.

You are a great person,
And you have some very good qualities,
I just wish you where closer,
So we could spend time together.

When you are sad or upset,
I try to make you happy,
By saying something dumb or stupid,
And most of the time it works.

When you are happy,
It makes me happy,
I will always love you,
I will always be their for you,
No matter what happens.

I hope we will always be friends,
Through thick and thin,
Through everything that happens,
I hope we will always be close.

I just wanted to let you know…..

I love you.

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Very sweet..... Sincerely, Mary