Just To Listen! (Old)

Poem By What Iff

I'm sick of feeling like a freak,
Feeling too afraid to speak.
In case i mutter a wrong word,
In case when i speak I'm not heard.

Why do i feel like i constantly need to cry,
When you ask me that I HAVE to lie?
Whats the point in telling everyone?
If I can't tell you but........I need someone!

I HATE being pathetic and feeling sad!
I HATE them thinking that I'm, Bad!

You ask me why i cant tell you whats
going through my brain.......
WHY i twitch and shake and go insain...

But if I did that you'd think me a freak,
And then I'd be terrified to speak.

And the words i mutter would be in fear,
And the truth would be, just too hard to hear.

I don't know whats wrong with me.
It's just that no one can see!
that i need somebody!

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Wow. I've felt like that so many times, shut out and ignored.

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