That Burning Love

That burning love that joins us one day
In me has died, I can’t feel it, I can’t
I want to know in you where it could be
Because I never can get hold of him.

Maybe you think we should keep it like that
Always telling lies to the heart
With this great silence, with this never talk
With many things, but no burning love.

That burning love
That I can’t feel inside of me
Has run away just from my soul
Living the heart completely free.

Why should we give?
A kiss that isn’t sweet at all
Mixing the fear with a fake love
Trying to fool reality.

by Jose Baez

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just right....a man and his in a dream...beautiful...woman ringing...what a sight to behold...God walks among us...when a queen is in sight...I love what you have said from inside yourself...I hope i am right...