Just Too Much

You say I am weak? !
You would be weak too if
you've been through the things
that I've been through
I can take the pains of life
but I am only human
and humans can only take so much
which is why I'm in the state im in
Life is just too much

You think you're strong & powerful? ? ?
Just wait till evil whispers in your ear
It'll tell you to keep many secrets
that you do not wish to hear
You'll listen anyway
cause of the threats that evil speaks
So you take those secrets to the grave
Then keep them with you
in your eternaty sleep.
Life is just too much

this is one of my first poems...
I do hope to improve.

by alley 091

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After Loosing my Sister recently to a tragic accident, The words to the poem really describe the way that I feel inside...Mad, and Sad. This poem helps us to understand that life is often gone way too soon. 'In Loving Memory Of Ashley Parra'