Just Try It One Time

Our minds intact...
We stare through cracked glass.
Yesterday I saw children play.
Today I saw a black crow die...
My minds racing.
My hearts pacing.
I could never do enough...
To ever forget you...
My nose is broken.
Theres death in your water.
Im shining in the dark.
Im stuck crawling up the ladder.
How could you say the things you say...
If you wish you were dead...
Why do you pray?
Lord lift me cause I think Im tripping.
Lord save me cause Im drifting afar.
Lord reach out cause no one else will catch me.
Lord you swore you loved me from the start.
I wanna drink from the waterfall.
I want to kiss what I cant control.
Im thirsty.
My eyes have dried and have started reddening.
I cant see anything in one piece.
Everything keeps doubling.
Im stuck behind the wheel.
My foot wont let up off the gas.
Oh God please...
I pray this too will pass

by Lance Carthen

Comments (1)

Awesome poem, Lance! I liked how it rambled but came to a purposeful ending. Brian