'Just Trying To Get Rich'

Im ju$t trying to get rich homz,
Get me sum money, get high^^^
& fall back in a big home,

Im ju$t trying to rich homz,
Cop me a benz, Cop me a Porsh
Sitting on str8 chrome,

Im ju$t trying to get rich homz,
If i aint move a pack, then im spittin a sick poem

Im just trying to get rich homz,
& live lyfe like a muthaf**ka, right like a muthaf**ka

My soul colored in a royal blue,
& I got a purple haze fetish,
Nah it aint legal,
But itz a profitable thang,
Go ahead....,
Let them coward ni**az hate on you
Cuz i rather be in a place that'll accommodate you
We gonna be comfortable,
One thing thatz for sure,
Cuz you can rest sure ima be layin up on a beach,
It sure beats playin the hood or sparyin yah heat,
Im just tryin to live lasciviously....,

Living the luxurious lyfe now
The masion is nice, the range, the benz, the porsh
Itz all piped down,
My honey stay iced down,
Blownin the haze down,
We up in the MGM,
Vegas lights now,
First class.... back to New York
Long term parkage...
Back in the benz, back in the porsh
Got to pick my money up,
Drop sum packages off,
When it comes to this ca$h dog,
My mack 11 neva off,
Aint neva played football,
But i feel like a New York Giant,
Betta tell yah homeboy dat 'MuRdA' home
Cuz if i follow you home,
You promised to swollow da chrome.....,

'M' dont write,
But its not over my margins,
I wanna quit the game,
But i know that im far in,
So ima do dis sh*t till they say that the ca$h has stopped
Till then im keep drinkin Hennessy,
Cuz its good to the last drop,
Daddy brought the park in the backyard,
So the kids & daddy can laugh hard,
& when im in the coupe,
& the roof dissapper,
Thatz when you know that im gettin my head right....

by MuRdA RhEE

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