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Just Us
DG (Jan 4th,1959 / Portland, OR)

Just Us

Walk hand-in-hand down the empty street.
Weeds roll round on the barren concrete.
A shutter pounds where the window was.
Heart bounding,
Bells sounding,
No one - just us.

Towards the ocean we walk, no destiny in mind.
Walking far, leaving the city behind.
Reflections of the moon shine on with trust.
Walking down the beach.
No one - just us.

Waters breaking upon the sands.
Winds blown endless about the lands.
Following tracks left in the dust.
They lead into the ocean.
On one - just us.

Alone in this world, just you and I stand.
Everyone’s gone, gone from this land.
To live in this world it’s hard to trust.
But it’s going to be harder.
With no one - just us...

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