LVB (June 10 1987 / Pros.Agusan del sur, Phil.)

Just Wait

The burning-burden sadness of me,
Now fading; running way from me.
I thought nothing could erase
But the hopeless imposibility of reality.
Yes. I did mourned for all my happiness
And kept my smiles in me.
I cried and left my world
And sailed my senseless self in the reality.
I felt nothing, as only I could imagine:
The boastful pride of pretending, yet insane.
I slept; forgot life; and ignored pain
But t'was not enough: t'was not the ultimate grave!
For me to forgot things and be saved.
My heart was beating; my nose was breathing
Reminding my blood: so freshly moving.
So I did stand and made a look around
And surprisedly, I saw new things have come!
I afforded to smile with a try of catching my old laughters,
Yes, things have changed...
And they may be too late,
But surely, they waited for me:
They are for me.

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