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Just Waiting For You
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Just Waiting For You

I know
I may not be the match that suits you the most
But I also know
I must be the one who loves you better
Than anyone else
I recognize
I might have shown you my love in an improper way
But I also recognize
I have shown you what I am
Without any make-up or description
I know
You are you and
I am I
And I have no right to force you
To do anything you dislike
Not to say to love me unwillingly
What I have been doing for
Is to let you know and
Let you see
My love to you in reality
Coz I believe
Doing is better than saying
And I also believe
Where there is a will
There is a way
Keeping this in mind
I'll be right here
Just waiting for you
To come and join in my life
I'll be waiting
Till my dream comes true or
Till I die.

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