Just Waiting Here!

Just waiting here!
For this story to begin.
I was burning up in the sun light; can’t you feel the heat of it?
Catch the very beat of it!
No, stop. That’s actually my own heart!
Must be still alive!
What a survivor that makes me!
Because I was crying at my own funeral just the other day,
Heard the jazz band playing a merry song, saw the procession,
Ooh it was at least one mile long!
Heard great orators praise my name and cry with the shame of it.
So sad she’s gone.
Then we all went downtown to my old waterin’ place.
A chance of a ham sandwich and a cold glass of cheer.
While back at the grave two old men smoked and threw dirt on my face.
Me a non-smoker too!
I listened a while to the reality of myself.
“Never understood poems no how”.
“Nah, written words not real good”.
“Prefer me a telephone”.
“Got me a cellular”.
“Words didn’t do no good girl, not for you and where you are”.
He had a point!
I got older faster listening here.
At least at the party they gave my words quite a boost.
Personality wise so-so!
The word was “difficult “.
A trifle vague.
Me! A trifle vague
Eclectic I’ll have you know!
Of course now they’ll never know how extreme my talents go.
So I am now sitting here in the sun shine,
Getting a little of nature’s rays,
Hotter by the minute,
Waiting for this stories end!

by Susan Casey

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