Just What Is Good

how do you know it is good
what do we mean by good
just because the sun comes up
doesn't mean it s good

it's warm it's light, if feels good
of course it's good
when does good get better
if one deed of good is good

two deeds of good must be better
thus good is a quantity
and surely we can agree
that from better there comes best

is the quality of good universal
is what is good for me
necessarily good for you
material goods can be sound

wholesome, valued and good
we need a scale to decide, just how good
but there is a goodness beyond
in human relations

whose quality, texture
and quantity immeasurale
then how do i know it is good
feels good and thought to be good

how does good become a moral
is one set of morals swallowed by another
are they equal to each other
I ask again and again

can immoral ever be good
are there universal laws of what
is immoral-not good
and I look into the mirror to see

to decide my personal code
on looking around I find the moral
and immoral, the good and not so good
or is it just another relativity

by shimon weinroth

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What is good is what we get, but most of the bad weren't bad at all.They're merely as good as it gets.