November, 1806

. Another year!--another deadly blow!
Another mighty Empire overthrown!
And We are left, or shall be left, alone;
The last that dare to struggle with the Foe.
'Tis well! from this day forward we shall know
That in ourselves our safety must be sought;
That by our own right hands it must be wrought;
That we must stand unpropped, or be laid low.
O dastard whom such foretaste doth not cheer!
We shall exult, if they who rule the land
Be men who hold its many blessings dear,
Wise, upright, valiant; not a servile band,
Who are to judge of danger which they fear,
And honour which they do not understand.

by William Wordsworth

Comments (4)

Words are the clothing of thoughts. THEY CAN BE THE MOTIVE FOR ONE TO RISE OR ANOTHER TO SINK. Very true indeed. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem ANC AND THE STRUGGLE.
Words can be so very cruel and yet so very comforting. Words are a powerful tool, can make or break. this is a brief poem with a strong message. Well done.
the shape of the poem on the screen/page shows the sinking and rising. some rhyming is nice. i'll send more comments in a message. thanks for sharing. bri :) i especially agreed with, therefore enjoyed [ :) ], these lines: Words are vital to me and you, We must be mindful of the words we say, Choosing the wrong ones can bring an early end to your day,
Rightly said, words can make yor day or spoil it. Super poem! Nice to read u again felicia.