Just Words Symphony

Just words of inspiration
just words to breathe elation
For a words symphony
Into the poise of page and pen
Sweet words to flow like rivers then!
Just a moment silent, still
Just a sunrise on the earth
Birds awaking with a words symphony
Nature making right the wrongs
Of the night with golden dawn
Just the smile of beauty seen
When men, children, deacons, pastors, and singers merge in dreams
Is all I need to seize the day
Make it mine, let words display the words sinphony
The power of poetic ways
Just a lines to lift my mind
Empty thought, the muse divine
Adorn the heart with gems of love
Settling gently like doves
Of peace and beauty from above!
I've never been in love with someone else
Rather than God
Have you ever seem my soul rise?
And stand naked inthe sky?
Have you ever seen the soul arise
And stand naked in the skies
Reviewing all below on earth
Its gentle gaze upon rebirth
Cast aside its timeless past
Into a golden age at last
A body of the sun descends
To a new life in the end
And a world we’ve never seen
Except perhaps in deepest dream
A world of beauty and the sun
That never sets, and all is one
Have you seen this day before
Mind surrendered to the shores
Of a blissful day that comes
When life’s struggle is all done?
I am confronted by a blaze of color
In a field forever flowers
The heart sees what the mind cannot
For it is not the field of thought
To love, be one with all that is
Beautiful, a secret kiss
Is the nature of the hour
Granted to the poet, lover
Of the world within, without
Felt and grasped when soul steps out
Beyond the boundaries of doubt
Into the sunshine calling out
From everywhere to who can see
The other side of mystery,
Magic moments making one
The soul with its parental sun
Of beauty, bliss and harmony
In the field of life set free
To be itself and never be
Afraid to sail the changing seas
Of time towards eternity
That wondrous place much like this breeze
Plays with sunshine and the trees
The dance of flowers and the ease
With which death dies and life begins
For a poet or his whim
To write, in joy, of beauty sing
Forever as she brings him in
From solitude and shattered thoughts
Of a past he’d never sought
To console, from grief he wroughts
These moments that all life forgot
Are always there just like these flowers
Waiting for the destined hour
A poet takes his pen to write
And bring the world back to the light!
Great is this moment let it be
Call peace and calm
Like the oceans of love and mercy
when the world was young
When innocents flourished throughout the lands
A time when love was grand
It revealed to me your beauty so precious indeed
As i moved from tree to tree
This is the world which is free
That only my soul can see
Every reach of my words
I feel overcome by your stare
And my soul has awakened to embrace your beauty
The winds shall blow and every tree shall bend
But i tell you we shall be to the end
Two souls as one
Looking into the eyes of an angel
My love grows for you into a everlasting dream
Afraid to open my eyes that you may disappear
Never to see you again
The reality of knowning and hearing
You breath like the soft swoosh of a dove in flight
my friend, my companion
I will never break your heart
For you are my life
My hope, my dream
I love you for your my ever lasting soulmate
My breath taken by your beauty
The innocence of the child stands
In the mist of angels
And your radiance give light unto the secrets of hearts
So fair indeed
A princess to be i stand at the gate
And wait a peasant in your kingdom
Only a glance a moment
I pray in tears just to know that you are near
I break like ice and melt back together
Rephrase my words
When i find myself tethered
In a spot where I am pulled
In two different directions
Without a clue invisible veins
That hold me by my mind
Sometimes its hard to concentrate
On the words that i feel sometimes I create it feels so new
When I plug them in
to the things that other people do
It doesn't fit like a misread clue to society
Like a blue and pink variety
Standing on a bleeding dagger
How so peaceful and yet so tethered
So forceful and will-less
So beautiful and we forget
Something important
What is it that stands there mocking our chains
From the other side of something
That appears to be as if it were always there
But yet its still so new to me
Where am iin this eternity am i awoke or asleep
What is it that this force is trying to tell me
I need something more there is a door
Its invisible to the stair inadvertently I am their
And not here where I stare awkwardly
Until someone notices that I am not myself
Or... was i ever me
Or am I a projection of all the things around me
Have I created this world
Of dazzled beads and bees
Of honey and thorns that sting in a realm of victory and misery
Weighing desires on a scale
That chases something more
Like a cloud hovering over a door
Asking me, is there something more
Why ask me before I go threw
Is there something more
What is it you want me to do
And the door goes into flames I touch the knob
And its cold and reeks of pain
A smell I've smelled before
But it has no shape
Or color
No visibility
Its there
But... is it just me
Or am i just being silly
I shake my head and smile
I grab the door knob again and turn it i push through
And with faith i step over a threshold and onto a stool to look down
At not a floor but my palms
Covered in red and theres that smell
But what was it againi think i remember.. but i
Can't seem to tell
I must be being silly
Probably just something.. from a dream.
I fill my ego with love.
My ego is the prince of darkness that has hindered my way to the light.
I now recognize all reactions are attached to ego. I bless, I praise, and Give thanks, for I know I am walking in the light when I see the shadow Behind me. I choose to respond lovinly and harmoniously, for I now Know that I exist only in the light of God-
And that is love.
I am at one.

by Aldo Kraas

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