LM (March 10,1967 / Chicago, IL. USA)

Just Yesterday

I can’t believe that I’m stand here getting ready to give you to another man for it seem like it was just yesterday when I holding you in my arms and rocking you sleep. I promised you that I’d protect you always. I can’t believe it has been 22 years it seems like it was just yesterday when I was holding out my arms to catch you if you fell taking that first step in life. I can’t believe you are about start a family of your own it seems like just yesterday I was teaching you your ABC and 123’s. Where has time gone? When did daddy’s little girl become some other man’s love of his life? Well, baby girl as I give your hand to him know that I’m still here if you need me and you still my princess and I’m still your gallant knight. I’ll love you always just like yesterday.

by Lore Me34

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