Just You

do u kno all the things you do to me?
the butterflies, heart flutters whenever i talk to u
did u kno that ure all i want and need?
did u kno that u are the cause for my need to smile
the reason i am smiling for no reason at all?

i crave ur touch, ur lips on mine, ur body close to me
i want to show you just how much u mean to me
spoil you like i want to, hold the doors open for you
buy you flowers just cuz i can, do romantic things for you

just to see that smile spread across ur face
knowing that im the one that caused it, that im the reason for ur smile
the smile that i fell in the with in the first place, to be able to look into ur eyes
and just get lost in them, just you and me baby no one else in the picture

i can see myself with you for a long time, it just feels natural
u remember that? remember saying that, remember telling me that
just talking to me feels natural? i remember, i remembered every word
i hope to make you and me baby last a long while

u are different from the rest, u stand out from the rest
u are the only one for me, the only one i want to give my all to
i cant think of anybody better, i dont think anyone can stand against you
everyone would lose, u would always come out on top, always

you and me it just sounds so natural
like second nature to me, like it was meant to be
you and me baby are gonna last a long while i can just feel it
feel it in my heart, i wont let nothing happen to us
nothing will ever get between us, that i promise you

i promise never to let you go, this i promise
i promise never to hurt you in any way, this i promise
i promise to never walk away from you, this i promise
i promise to always be understanding, this i promise
i promise that im never going anywhere, this i promise
i promise that you can trust me, this i promise
i promise to catch you when u fall, this i promise
i never break my promises especially to someone as special as you are

by Brittany Bell

Comments (2)

A lovely poem straight from heart.... 10 of 10 here. excellent piece
hey britney this is a wonderful poem all girls would want that to happen