Just Your Dreams...

Saw my heart break through my eyes
Green jewels fading with the build of tears
Pale cheeks enduring the glassy water
Oh break away let go of fear
Dead dreams floating at the top of a fish bowl
Dead fish floating at the top of my heart
Watched the hungry … they starved
Watched the poor… they starved
Watched the lonely… they starved
Watched the world… it staves
I have a pen let’s write a book
I have a heart let’s drain the blood
I have a mind lets make it tattered
I have a dream … its shattered
A knife … what should I cut?
A life… what should I make of it?
A favor… should I accept?
A flavor… I refuse to taste
Luscious lips with salty blood
Luscious tears with clear purity
Luscious light I want to engulf it all
Being real
Feeling real
Touching the “real”
Are we real?
Dead luscious life starving to be real…
I have a dream
I’m the sweetest flavor
Can you do me a simple favor?
Watch this… see my heart breaking?
Just look into my eyes…
The green with entangle your mind
And my words will rule your life…
At least the life you watch floating at the top of fish bowl…
Just your dreams…

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