Farewell Amigos (A Song Of Dr John Celes)

Farewell Amigos (A Song of Dr John Celes)
'Tis time to quit this lovely place!
Good-bye dear PMC;
I try to keep a composed face;
I'm leaving finally.

This place was like a Paradise,
When I'd entered here;
The place now rots, but is still nice;
To me, it still is dear.

I can't forget my pleasant days,
In years almost twenty;
I had my trials in the race,
God gave His grace plenty.

The beauty of the campus great
Kept me very healthy;
I pray its problems soon abate,
And all can be wealthy.

But do your duty, love your job,
And show your loyalty;
Do put your mind, heart, soul, not sob,
Expecting royalty.

To save this place lies in your hands -
Selflessness is the key;
It is not late, some hope still stands,
You can cure its malady.

Be sincere in your efforts all,
You are in dire straits!
I hear my inner voice' call;
As God opens new gates.

I leave you all with anguished heart,
But I must go just now;
I kept this place alive by art,
And grace of God above.

My home-town calls me to settle,
I have no other go;
I've got to sell my left mettle,
Some risks, I undergo.

I love the students and all staff,
On academic peak;
I leave this place with smiles, I laugh -
‘Never think you are weak! '

I pray the chaos settles soon;
I wish you, ‘All the best! '
This place and you aren't bane but boon -
‘Be safe and keep your nest! '

My two decades of struggles end;
I leave quite happily;
My angels will help you defend
This fort, and live nobly.

I thank each soul who helped me win
The game, I chose to play;
Do keep your soul avoiding sin,
Await a better day.

Dedicated with love to the Management, Staff and students
Of IRT PMC& H, RTS and SoN, Perundurai.

Copyright by Dr John Celes 3-2-2015

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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So, I'm doing a project for school where I have to compare a poem with another work of art that have the same theme. I chose justice. If someone could help me a little by breaking this down, I'd appreciate it a lot. Is the theme about slaves and how poorly they were treated, but they're trying to build a better life for their kids? I may have read it completely wrong but just wanted to make sure :) Thanks!
Lovely piece of poetry well articulated and nicely penned with insight. Thanks for sharing.
Interesting read.........
This poem depicts the Court trial ran on Sacco & Vanzetti in Boston between 1920-1927.
This poem depicts the Court trial ran on Sacco & Vanzetti in Boston between 1920-1927.
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