Justice League! (Superheroes)

Beware the might of the Justice League
If you're hellbent on dark intrigue!
Don't seek to harm, to kill or maim!
Don't think that you'll escape the blame!
They'll hunt you down by night and day!
They'll turn the tables! You're their prey!
They'll not give in like others do!
They'll cross the Cosmos just for you!
No secret hideout stops their quest!
They'll persevere! They'll do their best!
They'll scan, they'll plan, they'll wear you down!
They'll make you fret and fear and frown!
They'll use brute force! They'll fight to win!
They'll brave all odds to conquer sin!
You'll rue the day crime came to tempt!
They'll give you nightmares yet undreamt!
They'll chase you here, they'll chase you there!
They'll chase you, land, or sea, or air!
They'll make you sick! You'll spit and curse!
For you, there's no safe universe!
There's nothing that defeats their power!
They'll make you cringe and crawl and cower!
So don't be foolish! Don't be brave!
If I were you, I'd just behave!
Why tempt Fate's hand? Why go to jail?
If you cross them, you're bound to fail!
If you're hellbent on dark intrigue -

by Denis Martindale

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