Justice Served; Justice Deserved

Justice Served; Justice Deserved

Opportunities forgotten,
Chances passed,
Hymns that echo
In our ears,
As warmth
From the fire of our souls,
Evade direct contact,
And glancing touches;
We lay the torn contract
In fields of loneliness...

Titles given,
For loss of better words;
Raindrops sing
On the rooftops of humble hearts,
While more boastful spirits
Hold you hostage -
They know what's
In your best interests;
Bought and sold...

The metamorphosis of
Crystal-clear certainty
Amuses the Warlock of your soul;
Magicians from the
Surface of the moon,
Alter unanswered prayers,
And the Eater of Worlds,
Speaks to infinity....

by Tim Kimball

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A nice poetic imagination, Tim K. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks