JD ( / Danbury, Connecticut)

Justifiable Holocaust

Gerrymandering and slandering the truth
Destruction of The Self in it’s youth
Disagree with misinformation, demand authentic proof
Exercising you universal right is being uncouth

Determined, dedicated dressed in drag
The infamous Liar wearing the american flag
Conspiracy and fraud do willing brag
Native Americans left holding the bag

Wrongful deaths and flimflam of one’s will
Education of The Self with intent to kill
Self-realization with a birth control pill
Substituting feeling well with being ill

Mind controls, concentration camp mentality is being just
Blaming the poor for all of life’s ills is a must
The systematic demise of humanity, no disgust
Mandatory dying returning flesh to dust

Refusing to shed light on historical lies
Ignoring the many obvious death cries
Of the hearts, souls, beings
To maintain business ties

Justifiable holocaust is the boss
Employing and deploying life at any cost
Destruction of the rain forest many souls lost
Satanic savagery the abominable double cross

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