ACS (December 6 / New York)

Justify My Love

It's 2 am in the morning
I am waiting for you to come over
what could be keeping you there
I start to wonder
did she do something better than I
could i have done something better than she?
I thought my love, our love, was justified
I tried to pretend
try to handle the three of us
all these years, i have been waiting
to be secure with you. totally yours
is my love justified
she is not your wife
just someone you have known all your life
I call her a liability,
you won't leave
you say she been good to you
but now i am caught up,
i should have ran away in the begining
still waters run deep
i can't even swim now
the water is so dark and muddy
what happened to us getting married
sharing a home, having children
your promises, turned into lies
what is it?
can't you just walk away
I wanted to leave you many days,
but like i said, my love was justified
i got caught up
we are no longer justified
silly me,
It's 2 am
I'm still waiting for you
but you will not come to me tonight
silly me,
your love is justified too..

written in ' 2004

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