(k) 1 (God) The Divine Lover

Faint bells tinkling in the background....
The night utters a soulful sigh,
To see Radha and Krishna
Bound in embrace. The full moon cries....

There's strange magic in the air....
Jasmines spreading their incense.
Flutes sing, to celebrate the pair.
Passions rise. Intense....

The sky illumines,
By sheer fire set ablaze
Stars fiercely twinkling
The God's! Heavenly amazed.....

The Gopis start trickling out of their homes.
Struck with love's lightning in a daze
Getting drawn towards Krishna
Spellbound in his gaze

Rivers heaving and rising
Carrying love in their bosom
Drenched in ecstasy. They succumb,
To the feet of their divine lover

by Renu Rakheja a.k.a Tranquil Ocean

Comments (12)

A great read and a good history lesson for me. Thankyou for sharing Tranquil---Melvina-
The Indian Culture has always facinated me from the neru, jackets to the elaborate craftworkby hand....this is a wonderful piece, T.O....IIt sparkles with the essence of Tradition &Spirituality...Job well done'''''''''''FJR
Great poem with well flowment of motion. I myself believe only in one God(The God and most holy father of Jesus Christ. We all have our own beliefs and heroes and gods. Hadda give this one a ten for being awesome. May any and all gods bless all poets-MJG.
Yes, I know about Lord Vishnu, I have read some stuff about it. Great poem, easy flowing! *~*Elya Thorn*~*
Hi Tranquil, It's nice to see you share about a different religions. My mother is a shinto, my sons are catholics and I was baptized in the Japanese United Church. (ha ha) My son Gordie loves to read on Budhism. So I am open to any religion. God is God what ever one believes does not bother me. I think it makes our world a very unique place to live in. Excellent Poem and take care.
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