I'm Here

Sometimes the road is dark and it's a struggle to get through the day
Just know this is not the way things will stay
Try not to look too deep in the past
Those days are gone and not meant to last
To move forward you need to let go and forget yesterday
Trust better days ahead are coming your way
You're not only amazing but so much more
You've so many good things for you yet in store
Peace and happiness will come your way
I'll help you get through another day
It doesn't matter where we come from
Trials and triumphs help shape who we become
In dark times it's easy to feel lost
I'll help you find the light no matter the cost
You never have to feel alone
Trust all the love you're shown
You can count on me
This is something that'll always be
If you fall; I'll lift you high
Never give up; all we can do is try
I'll always be your best friend
I'm with you until the very end
Let me guide you when you can't see
You can feel safe and secure with me
Know that you're surrounded by love
It truly is a gift from above
You don't have to fear
I'm always right here
We try to get by with the least amount of strife
Know you have a purpose here in this life

by Mary Rodriguez

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