MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

! ! Kabir Reads 'Kabir'

See this fine manuscript
so beautifully illuminated round the picture –

why, it’s none other than Kabir!
reading a book entitled The Poems of Kabir;

he’s smiling, laughing, waving his hands –
how can he be enjoying himself so much?

The manuscript doesn’t tell you this;
only Kabir can tell you, in that other place..

of all the poems, he only recognises two
as poems that he wrote himself..

but here’s Kabir’s delight today:
many of the other poems, he thinks,

are good enough to be his!
How wonderful to be so praised in spirit!

As he reads – see, he’s circled round with angels;
they’re all laughing too.

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lovely feel sufi poem, mike.