Kabul Weather Forecast

Weather Forecast in Kabul.

Rain in Kabul, the weather woman on TV said.
and I wondered if that was a good or bad thing.
Slippery roads and confused drones, what do
I know? Perhaps the rain is just what the poppy
fields need right now. Weather forecast on T. V
is pure entertainment, all respectable channels
have a person with a map who looks confident
when trying to predict the tomorrow. Danish
bomber pilots listen to weather forecast too,
will there be sun over Libya? Kaddafi hasn’t any
more planes left, we are now bombing his tanks.
No-fly –zone? I didn’t know tanks could fly. Rain
in Chad, that’s sad, they like Kaddafi he has been
helpful to this poor country. Never mind all that
he’s a despot and so says all of us.

by Oskar Hansen

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