MMB (08/02/1997 / Nyiräny, Rumbek)


You gives freedom and take it back.


The strongest gun ever made on earth
The ever most sold weapons of protection as it was mean In the first place
The worse ever enemy to man and animals

You're so great and famous
Highly demands by the whole world
You're common and cheap in every country

You are mean to be use for protection
To kills wild animals like leopards and lions
The first enemies to man.

Thousands of people have achieved their forceful freedom through you
Thinking after all, they would enjoys their fruits of freedom
That you have helped them to achieved

You gave freedom to Rep. Of Congo from French
You gave freedom to Eritrea from Ethiopia
You gave freedom to South Sudan From Sudan.
You set many people free from harassments.

And you never leave them to enjoy their freedom
And you never pity their tole for freedom
To lives peacefully

You left nothing but graves in every household in S.Sudan
Only Windows are what you brought to them after freedom
Only Orphans are there now with birds of preys waiting for them
Only deep hatred and killing everwhere
Only corruption and looting
Famine and misery is what you brought to all part of the Country.

The most ever sold weapons
The worse ever enemy of man
You have done more harm than good
Have pity on S.Sudan.

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A refined poetic imagination, Monyping. You may like to read my poem, Love And Iust. Thank you.