AI (24.10.1960 / Bangalore)


Spilled are the flashy colors unlimited
Gleaming in their light of shining frenzy
Their hues ranging from dark to light pearl
As they sweep deliriously in the mind
As the memory of your smile twinkles within

Quivering in their metallic lustre
They catch the ray of the midday sun
Frivolously streaming in sheer delight
The touch of purity truly unblemished
As the dew drops on leaves dazzle the morn

The morning's look after the kiss of dawn
Ravishes the longings of the night
Like the naked mind that is thirsty
Quenched by the fire of unmatched intelligence
As the satiated feel exerts its power on the mind

Frosty moments that linger like the dew
Appealing and inviting the softness that is you
Harbouring delights of delayed touches
Of waves of freshened feel liked so much
As the quivering breathlessness stills the winter morn

Throes of love that have scattered their dust
On salient features of hungry sugared trust
Drawing in power of one so possessed
Trappings of sorrow dispelled to be blessed
As the heart and soul blend with inexplicable feel

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Comments (4)

A passionate piece that blended colors of a kalidoscope with those of human feelings & emotions. Wonderful poem & a joy to read. Ravensong
Each word is aptly placed to give the whole effect, especially the third and final stanzas are so wonderfullly woven with feeling. True emotions bring out granduer and glow to poems and this is found here. Wonderful.
A sensual display of the mind captured in words...truly kaleidoscopey...! A way to wow the one(s) you might choose to.... My mind's in a blur still....! Cheers. Subroto.
I sense a star is about to burst, showering us with kaleidoscope snowflakes that no one can resist but to catch with their tongue to taste true poetry. Keep writing.