EM (January 23,1990 / )

Kaleidoscopic Eyes

Your eyes, once lit by kaleidoscopic light,
reflect the pain and the angst of life. We all felt
the remorse; seeing you drive down the road
in your big, black hearse. Like the dark horse coming
to drive you away into death I drove you away
during life. Pushing you out until you were finally
gone, and now I just want you back. Your eyes,
now drained of all light, they once looked deeply
into mine to find the love that just wasn’t
there. Your hands, preserved by gentle care,
touched me softly, searching for the
electricity that had been shut off. And now,
you’re simply gone and I just want you back.
Your eyes, shimmering in angelic light, look
over me in quiet disregard. We used to have a home
in each other’s loving arms. I felt beautiful, wrapped in
your hot and fast paced heart. Now I only feel
the heat in my flashes, the exhaust from the
hearse as it passes. Carrying you away
and I all I really want, is to have you back

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