Kann Abel's Restaurant

Poem By james d nall,jr

Driving through the country side on a warm afternoon
My wife decided she wanted lunch and meant soon
Some nameless little town we were about to pass
When I decided to stop and find someone to ask
Where was the closest place to get a bite to eat
The man I spoke with said go on down the street
Take a left at the red light, you'll see what you want
About two blocks you'll be at Kann Abel's restaurant
They got whatever you desire to drink and eat
But, sometimes its hard to get a seat
As we walked inside, The smell of food was a delight
Customers were busily eating almost everthing in sight
Before being seated, my wife had to complain
She said probably no one hear ever heard of champagne
Since they all know we're from out of town, not here
Could be instead of steak, they'll feed us roadkill deer
On and on continued her senseless tirade
People staring waiting for her point to be made
Off to the ladies room she finally did retire
A waitress appeared and said 'you sir, I admire
If you put up with that creature every day and night
You are more of a man than any in sight
But, if you've had enough and tired of her hell
I'll put in your order for Kann Abel's Special
No, don't order for that demon your with now
She'll be back soon enough to put more wrinkles on your brow'
Twenty minutes later in front of me was a steaming platter
My wife still hadn't returned and really it did'nt matter
Every single bite tasted better than the one before
Shortly I asked the waitress if I could have some more
I noticed the customers all doing the same
As far as my wife, I think I'd forgotten her name
What a feast, what tender delicious sweet meat
I swear I could'nt do anything but eat and eat
Asking the waitress, was this legs, thighs or breast
Laughing she said, ' surely you jest? '
We cooked up your demon, can't you tell?
For the last twenty minutes you've been eating Hell!
There was no bill for me to pay
Getting into my car, I went on my way
I never missed my wifes complaints and taunts
For I had found release at Kann Abels Restaurant

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I didnt expect that turn of events..hilarious though horrific

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