My Secret

They always say
you're not of the romantic kind!
How could they ever know that when they are all so blind!
How could they ever decide
When they don't know what is barred in my heart
and what is on my mind?

Why can't they understand?
That I'm so romantic just like the tender white dove
When will they unearth my treasure trove? !

Who will relight my flame?
Who will melt this ice that surrounds me that makes me feel ashamed?

I'm Lost.. I'm all at sea
They can't discover these concealed feelings inside me
They can't find the key

But.. I'll endure these hidden sentiments inside me
These pure feelings.. I'll protect
Until someday.. someone
Will behold my secret! !

27 May 2000

by unknown poet

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Gandhi’s cry..... “Give me liberty or give me death! ” was a clarion call to the British colonial masters who did succumb to the pressure created by the masses hell bent of liberation. The words spoken in Hindi or Hindustani 'Karenge Ya Marenge' (meaning 'Do or Die) had the same magical influence, no less.