Love smiles in the depths of winter
when snow chases the wind,
and dreams of summer moths dance under golden streetlamps.
Love walks upon slippery sidewalks,
and waits for the moon to sing with the fall of footsteps upon stairs that lead to the heart.
Ghosts walk the sky across the silent bay to reykjavik to rooms lit by the flame of music.
Close your eyes when you walk through the door and breathe in the the scent of a whisper
for these are places where memory plays with my senses.
Your dreams smile within your eyes
while I paint upon my canvas abstracts of your soul in the soft colours of an icelandic winter.
At midnight,
when elves begin to sing through the winding streets of reykjavik,
I see you in the shadows of my heart
brushing the snow from your black coat;
candlelight within the soul of your eyes

by Judith Vriesema

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What's in a name? (smile...) For a while my soul was as a candle blown out in the middle of a cold Icelandic winter, with the cold that permeated my bones and darkness all about... So cold... I love your imagery... >^.Karl!