Poem By Nayyab Younas Khan

You'll try to see me
What you'll see, a mere silhouette

You'll try to feel me
What you'll feel, is wholly ravishing but vague

You'll try to break me,
badly you'll be wreaked

You'll try to kill me,
you'll experience your worst nightmare

One is not your saint doll, one is human
with sins but still a human
Treat everyone like one,
treat them as you'll want for yourself

Because my dear if you sow cactus,
how will you reap Jasmine?


Comments about Karma

Brilliant ❤️
what a beautiful comparison !
treat them as you'll want for yourself The happiness rule! Another great way to say unconditional love! a great write from a great mind and heart
I can't believe that any body can make 9668_bucks in one month on the internet.
It takes us too long to become a human being from homo sapiens. Actually human being is still rare on the surface of earth. Our earth is still waiting for. I appreciate your imagination. Thank you very much, Nayyab.

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