Karma Chromosome

I had a dream where karma was explained and all the people I knew were intertwined
There was a forest and everyone I knew lived in it and I went from door to door
Sometimes they let me in, sometimes the bond was so broken that they would slam it shut
I planted my chromosomes there near the tallest tree
There were chains of names that made me how I am
I wrote down the names
then washed the letters
until they began to shine
I saw all of humanity
enslaved and connected to each other
In a procession that only I could understand

I whispered to slaves how to release themselves
I whispered to kings how to abdicate
I whispered to lovers how to wed
I told children how to run away from their homes
I told soldiers how to ceasefire
I told actors how to believe
I whispered to lawyers how to ameliorate
I spoke to bankers how to tithe
I spoke to judges how to relinquish
I told florists how to find saffron
I spoke to singers how to find the door of the octaves
I spoke to the penitent how to reach the gate of tears
I spoke to the poet how to be anonymous

Each one causing the next
Each one bound up with the next

I looked for the name that changes mine
And looked if my chain had grown
There in the forest
something hovered
"If you had not done, he would have arrived by now"
I heard it said in the blackened night
A door became ajar
And they welcomed me in.

by Eli Spivakovsky

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