Karma's On My Side Now

A few years have passed since, you tried to destroy me.
But I was stronger than you thought.
Now it's my turn.
Oh! How the tables have turned.
Destroying you would be to easy.
In your hours of endless weakness.
Watching and listening to your every fail.
Taking you apart piece by piece.
Hope can be heard under my every breath.
As Karma takes it actions upon you.
This is what you get for the hatred that you have inside.
And inflicted upon my family.
Oh! How the tables have turned.
So much time has passed since you were here last.
And life is back as it were before you.
It's like you had never stumbled upon my path.
Your name never mentioned.
Your memory gone not even a glimmer.
But hey Karma's a right pain at times.
Now its your turn to feel it's wrath.
Enjoy it! I know I will be.

by Kelly Lushi

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i think whatever one does in this mortal world is paid back by Nature in due course of time.....a nicely penned poem, dear!