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Karma Will Not Ignore You

That the colour of your money speaks all languages most people do believe
But if we sow the seeds of bad karma bad fruit we will receive
If on your way to financial success others out of money you did cheat
To karma you will have to pay the price of your deceit.

What goes around always comes around some have been known to say
And for every wrong to others that we do some price we have to pay
And though the law may not bring you to book your past will follow you
And one day in some way you will pay for every wrong you do.

You may be a known billionaire one of the privileged few
And money brings one respect and power and others look up to you
But if in your climb to success you've harmed others in some way
Karma will not respect you when it visits you one day.

A very wealthy person you own half of the Town
But on your way up the corporate ladder you have dragged a few down
And you may be one of those who think that to cheat and lie for gain is fair
But karma will not ignore you though you are a billionaire.

by Francis Duggan

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