MA (March 27,1951 / India)

Karmic Debt

To be treated with disdain,
Is this the bane
Of parents
Of this generation?

Please don’t have
Any expectations
Of me,
As I have a family
Of my own,
Is the constant refrain.

The silent cry,
Pain and disgust
Over such callousness,
Too overwhelming to discuss.

Overcome with regret,
Over a life time spent
On putting them first,
Is this just?

Don’t cry
Over those who could not
Care less,
Shrug it off
As a Karmic debt.
Judge not,
Just get on with
Your own life.
Nothing escapes God’s eyes.

Written after reading the plight of senior citizens, left alone in their twilight years

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A well written poem! When I lay in Pune's MH Orthopaedic bed for almost 6 months (my 'Thoughts on Pain') I was thinking about my Karmic debts! I had, & still praying for Moksha, despite the delicious temptations life has to offer! But how do I rid my soul of all attacmets & desires? ! -Raj Nandy 07 Jun 08
karmic cannot think of a better title when considering the content of the poem...a reality blind to the eyes of younger generation...well told…
very touching..... 'Nothing escapes God's eyes'..... true to its fullest :)