Karpumpuli And Kathakali

Karpumpuli and Kathakali

When you play the karpumpuli
Through the eight holes
whole stars flow inside the flute

Did you know karpumpuli
Do you know karpumpuli now
Enlivening the stars to become ready
And the all the stars becomes the eight holes of the flute

That becomes the baby inside a mother’s womb
Ready to become a man
That becomes human inside a man’s body
Ready to become you
In complete form
Eternal beyond
In cosmic harmony
God in animal form
God in unnamed form
All Gods dance inside you
You are so connected to divine that
Divinity surrenders
You become divine

Do you know Karpumpuli
When you become Karpumli
And you rule the galaxy of stars
You become the stars
You become Karpumpuli

And from my broken torso
Evolve out many a hands of Durga
Evolve out heads of Brahma

The four lions back to back
Ready on pillar so high
Asoka’s Chakra
Wheel of time
Fertility and maternity
Similarity ends
I become the Kathakali dancer
I hear the call of karpumpuli

In my multi-coloured Face secreted to be near you
I become a Kathakali dancers
And dance in the tune of Karpumpuli
Starts all over my body

by Lovita J R Morang

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