Kashmir Floods 2014

Ah! The city of all hopes, all dreams
Lost all charm all its scenes
Crestfallen humans, animals and birds
With the anger from heavens at its full
Unleashed a terror on the civilisation
Continuous downpour wrecking a havoc
With rising water levels adding the fear
Finally the jehlum ceased to its capacity
Showed its face of devastation
Terrified people, shattered the dreams
The water took a course so brutal
That changed the entire land of paradise
Those who had their heads high in the sky
Were left with nothing to live on
The lalchowk, ah! the dull banks
Foreshore! The destination of lovers
All are blank, abysmal and sad
Hard hit by this flood so bad
People who wud bed on precious Irani sofa
Now dont mind sitting on a fourway
This is nature at its ugly course
Cutting the throat with no remorse
Ah! the birds who wud sung melodious tunes
Now float on the surface spritless
The cries so shaking and trembling
Grief swollen hearts and soaken eyes
I raised my head towards the blues
Is it same land of heavens
Where birds wud sing melodius tunes?
Flowers wud bloom to rejoice lovers?
Is it same city of hopes
Or itz me living in delusions?
The question lingered in my eyes
In my numb face and silent sighs
Oh! God omnipotent hav mercy
Bless these withered souls and help
Help the mothers with empty laps
Prosper those who lost their living
Those who lost their place of rest
Let the birds sing again
Let the valley to rediscover glory
Shower all ur blessings
And absolve all of us
For we are a reason of this wrath
For we are the reason of our fall!

by Dr Mohammed Younis Dar

Comments (3)

You have painted a true picture of the devastation caused by unprecedented floods in Srinagar and surrounding areas three years back. The richness of its normal life took a beating and transformed the scene for worse. Hopefully, complete normalcy - mental and physical - would return in due course of time. The emotional touch of the poem is quite impressive. Thanks a lot. I quote: Shower all ur blessings / And absolve all of us For we are a reason of this wrath / For we are the reason of our fall!
Very impressive and touching write. Thank you very much, Dr.
it's really tragic for the land of paradise, but the poet is successful in painting the tragedy, thanks for sharing