My Chocolate Day

I can eat chocolate all day.
What can I say!
I love chocolate.
I love chocolate candy.
It makes my feet feel like they're sinking deep in the sand.
I like many brands.
I love the smell of chocolate candy.
I love taking a bath in chocolate soap.
That's right we make it chocolate.
Or you can pick a latte.
I like it all foamy and sudsy.
I'm getting all dirty and clean at the same time.
I love chocolate chip cookies.
They're the best hot right out of the oven.
All of this talk about chocolate is making me hungry.
I got to find me some chocolate candy.
It's my chocolate day.

by Patricia Kelley

Comments (2)

I apperiate it but itz not something like that.
Thanks for sharing this poem. You have made an poetic attempt to describe the pristine beauty of Kashmir, a firdaus on earth, and its plight in the face of repeated assaults on its virginity. I am deeply impressed by your style and narrative. All the best, Sandeep.