Kathy Baulch's Sheep

Kathy Baulch is a woman who does like sheep
A small flock of them on her land she does keep
Without a ram in numbers they cannot increase
Their lot is to age in contentment and peace

In the warm days of Summer them one often does see
Sitting chewing their cuds in the shade of the old red gum tree
Content in their old age and of any stress free
As sheep they are lucky as most would agree

Some of Kathy's sheep do not have a tooth in their mouth
Whilst some lay chewing their cuds others are stretched out
Content and relaxed in the cool of the shade
One can say of Kathy's sheep they have it made

In Kathy they do have a good human mate
Their meat will never be on a dinner plate
Most sheep for human consumption are born to die
To say Kathy's sheep were born to be lucky is not telling a lie

In the cool shade of the red gum in the heat of the day
Some of them stretched out some of them chewing their cuds lay
In the heat of the afternoon Kathy Baulch's sheep
An image of contentment in the memory for to keep.

by Francis Duggan

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