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Katrina - Katrina (An Answer)
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Katrina - Katrina (An Answer)

Katrina was a blessing in disguise
Providing no way of compromise.
Freeing New Orleans' residents from imprisonment
In hovels of substandard tenement(s) .
Ending generations of being dependent
On the public dole for subsistence.

In New Orleans we became aware
Of politics capturing prisoners in the snare;
Worse than any slave owner's intent
To bind in shackles and families rent.
Keeping dependents on the monthly dole
Destroying body and soul.

Now as butterflies emerging from cocoon
Trying wings, tragedy's boon.
Discovering life and freedom as they soar
Will they return? Nevermore!

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Yes sometimes disaster are blessing in disguise as Rudyard Kilpling said.... If you can meet with triumph and disaster and treat the both imposter just the same........... Sometimes past refuses to budge and is unwilling to give place to new world then fury nature strikes and remove the dead woods so the new sapliting can grow unhindered........... Good Write...10+++