Katrina Means Cleansing

was the first “black named” hurricane
and rightly so
because she was a “big ass’ storm
that pushed her way through the Gulf of Mexico
after stopping off the tip of Florida
to get her beak wet
and give them a taste of her fury

Katrina Katrina
bo beana
banana fana for feena
fee fi fo meana

there was no way
you couldn’t have noticed
that she was coming
and heading towards the “Big Easy”
bringing her southern blend of water, wind and destruction
before the Mardi Gas season began

she was in a partying mood
tossing waves around as if
swishing her skirt around
shaking her body
with the force of a category five
wind storm

those people in New Orleans
did not need the internet to tell them
that it was going to be a direct hit
something some of those wacky scientists
had been predicting for a long time
chicken little like

the brownie people in charge ignored their words
as if they got caught in the wind
and floated away
and swore
they didn’t know

If they would have known ….

would they have done anything different?

by Oscar Mireles

Comments (1)

The media choses to give these phenominea names, and thus charaters. So you, Oscar, take them up on it by taking the concept further. this is so great, as you sort of, compare natural destructiveness and human destructiveness and question their similarities, in a language that is at once off-handish but yet serious in its depiction. A great work Oscar.