While my mind paces through random thoughts
the symphony of music
filling the air of silence

Thoughts pause at the moment
when I was kayaking at the
Hudson river across
Statue of Liberty…

Cool light breeze blowing
across the hair on my face
as though bringing in a
love note from a dear one

As the waves rocked the kayak
cuddling me to loosen all worries
as though being in my
mom’s arms after a long time.

Staring at the skyline of the city
rowing the kayak across
reminding me of aspiring high
and never loose hope.

While a big wave jerks the kayak
making me to row a little stronger
obstacles that have to surpass
with a stronger determination.

Coming back to the deck
felt peace within
smoothening effect of the water
with a wide smile on my face.

by Chutiki Kondapalli

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