Kaykay(Daddy's Girl)

Poem By kwane Lamb

God put his hand on me
Loving you has given me strength
For you I will go to great a Length

I am glad for that intent
To hear you say you love me
Brings light to all my dark areas

I soar within
A happy dad
A bright fellow

A dad who is content and mellow
When rock'n you in my arms
Let's me feel the power of love

God has for this world
You are beautiful not just in looks
For your mind is always fresh

Your smile is always like the first time
Your shyness is a beauty all it's own
Sweet heart, daddy's coming home

Together we are (home) no
Matter how far apart we are
Kay-you will always be my star

We are a seed growing
Caught at the hips we are
A love weld as one unit

So Kay, you see, you are stuck with me
The one true part of your family tree
As long as I have you

I can never lose anything
Be it gold or diamond rings
You my daughter are my wings

You are the air I breath
The blood in my veins
The keeper of my sanity

Keeping me sane
VietNam made me a bit de-ranged
God has giving us a love un-chained

I love you young lady
I can't wait to take you to the park
I will be there to protect you when it's dark

You are of me
So you are a brave soul
A loving being

You are royalty un-folding
To God for you I am beholding
Never scolding...

Connected are we
You, the grandkids and me.

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