(25th March 1943 / )

Keep Compiling

Do you think, we two, just you and me,
having reached the age of sixty-three,
could find fame by writing poetry.
Or should we continue to compose,
some assorted mild prose,
which then is lost in indistinct obscurity.

Whatever be out hope and our desire,
we always try so hard to thus aspire,
to create a poem that's so exemplary.
And a dream can still persist,
inside our mind's wish-list,
but fades so fast from it, eventually.

Yet never stopping, we just keep compiling,
verse after verse, each one becomes beguiling,
creating our own spoken tapestry,
So on reaching sixty-four,
will we be writing even more,
from our intellect, an untapped treasury.

It's not great works that come always from the young,
there are poets of great merit, their praises sung,
these have deserved to be legendary.
They have composed such noted writes,
each famous name lit up in lights,
because of their sheer talented artistry.

© Ernestine Northover

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I think I will go on writing until I kick the bucket. I read somewhere that poets rarely find fame before they're dead. Typical isn't it? Lovely poem, Andrew x
I enjoyed reading this, with it's fun rhyme scheme and ageless message. -chuck
Nothing more to add that hasn't already been said, Ernestine. I agree with every comment. So I'll just leave it at that and say I have enjoyed reading this excellent piece of work. Love, Fran xxx
*****ERNESTINE NORTHOVER***** now there's a name worth putting up in lights, in-fact there is a person who we should be truly greatful to have around and learn from so I say again *****ERNESTINE NORTHOVER*****, what a wonderful poet and a beautiful soul, Love duncan X
Ernestine, what a charming work filled with questions and more than a little angst. As one who was 60 before she ever put finger to keyboard, I say to you write on fair shrew, and charm the reader with your wisdom and your experience and you unique perception of the world. Long Live All Poets - old and young! love, Allie xxxxxxxxxxxx
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