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Keep Going
JC (07/04/1989 / )

Keep Going

Poem By J.D. Crockett

I'm killing my self today
decided to end my life
since I can't run away
from this pain and strife

but how should it be done?
a razor blade and slit the wrist
in my mouth stick a gun?
a rope to give my neck a twist?

I'm sure they won't miss me
except for my best friend
you see no one else can see
why my life needs to end

he will get it, he will know
even though he doesn't understand
he is the one when my faults show
who I know will give me a hand

he will probably cry alot
mabey get a little depressed
and since he is all I've got
he might get a little stressed

what if he thinks he did it?
what if he thinks it was his fault
mabey he could have stoppped it
my life coming to a screeching halt

if he blames himself for not
seeing the telltale signs
for not giving saving me a shot
as my life I now resign

blames himself and does decide
that his life aint worth shit
decides to end his life ride
but no thats not how I want it!

I can't let him do that
so to live I have to strive
and deal with being fat
because I need him to stay alive.

my best friends mother
this note gave to me
this kid is like my brother
and now I truly see

that you're really something
no matter how small you feel
this note a bell did ring
it made me realize something real

you mean somthing to someone
whether big or small
if you keep with it till its done
you could help us all

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