Keep It Addressed

The ones who have remained miraculously,
Sane and conscious of these days we live.
Will notice it not so difficult,
To adapt to all the changes being made.
Difficult it is to witness in disbelief...
The many who claim to keep their faith in God.
Are the very ones who seem reluctant,
To accept what God does to do.
For the purpose to test their faith.
Without complaining on a daily basis,
About what is happening in their lives.
Instead of being the faithful followers,
Who seem to contradict what it is...
They say God does.
As if God and not they,
Prove everyday...
Hypocrites amongst us,
God must have picked to exist.
How else can anyone explain,
Why those who remain devoted and faithful...
Seldom are heard complaining.
But appear to be more tolerant of those,
Quoting scriptures and Bible verses.
Yet can not apply the 'Word',
To their own lives to live...
What they confess but lack to keep it addressed.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

Difficult it is to witness in disbelief. We need trust and that is of deep quality to understand God's love and his wonderful creation. An amazing poem is very brilliantly penned...10