Keep It Real

Excuse me.
I hate to annoy you!

You're not! '

Those people?
Those people that were taunting you.
About your abilities and lack of qualifications...
To teach and be a good role model for their children?
What has happened to them?

'Either attending funerals or visiting the prisons.
You know...
The ones seeking to identify appropriate role models,
For, uh...children? '

You say that as a matter of fact!

It is!
And if you've noticed...
I've been in this same spot,
Watching them pass judgement.
But of late,
They seem to have stopped! '

You shouldn't let that hamper your progress.
I wouldn't let that drop!

'You asked me about the people who were taunting me...
Did you not? '


'From your point of view...
Who would you say has made more progress?
And keep it real!
Although it seems like I'm not doing a thing,
Does it?
Here take this.
It's a copy of my book.
You can have it.
I'm working on a new one.
Entitled, 'There's Nothing Like Minding Your Own Business'
Especially if your business does not please.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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