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Keep It Simple
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Keep It Simple

Poem By Bill Grace

Keep it simple
So the past can find you
The love you lacked the courage to love
The one who was kind
The one who told truth
The one you want to thank
The one whose feet you would kiss
as contrition and in sorrow
Keep it simple
If you want the past to find you.

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Comments (17)

Well done, Grace! As Marie says well crafted!
One should never overlook the power of simplicity, which is a most appealing characteristic in a human being. Some love to complicate everything and are not happy unless they succeed at doing just that. Life is so much easier to live when we introduce simplicity into our lives and you have expressed this very finely in the words of this excellently crafted poem. Applause well deserved! Thank you for sharing and heartiest congratulations on having 'Poem Of The Day! ' Well deserved...
Testing testing. (My comments have not been getting through)
I can not agree more.
A gem, discovered by the PH team. Nice, a joy to read.