Keep Moving Forward

Returning attention given to those seeking it,
By telling you what you are not...
And what you could do to improve your status,
For their approval and acceptance...
Should give you a clue as to what it is they do.
And have done with the time to them given.

IF you return back to them nothing to work with,
By giving them closed lips and forward movement...
Something done in the doing of that,
Will be more than enough than they have done...
Most of their lives they themselves have validated.

You need not to say or do a thing to bring yourself,
Down to a level to appease people like this.
Since it should be obvious to you as this is viewed,
They have yet to find themselves...
To stop a wasting of their time to find others,
Willing to waste their minds and time collectively.
With no improvement or a wish to seek progress.

The only thing done one can do for people like this,
Is to keep moving forward.
With a leaving behind with them a hint as to your abilities.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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